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KuSeRa for over 20 years in the online merchants, your sales agent in Berlin for Germany.


You have to resolve an apartment and feel the furniture and household items are too valuable to dispose of, then you are right with KuSeRa!

We have made it our own, to "order service round" in relation to residential, business or collection of resolutions to provide customers because we believe that far too much furniture, household items, books, CDs and products of daily life thrown away will.

We want to change that!


And so it goes, please contact us, we will discuss what and where needs to be resolved and make an appointment, the visit is of course free of charge!

Locally, we inspect the item and discuss with you, offered at what price we commissioned sales which articles. All agreements are laid down in a Commission Contract. The checked products will be picked up by KuSeRa and offered in order for you to purchase. Up here, our service is free of charge, only the sale of the products a sales commission is not to exceed the 35% of the selling price to.

Furniture and household items can not be offered for sale, but still are in order, we will give your consent to charitable organizations charge more.

All furnishings are no longer usable, we can dispose of it properly, here we work with numerous apartment resolution business together.

Your advantage if you hire KuSeRa:

  •      You are treated like a valued customer
  •      You only incur costs when the item was purchased
  •      Understandable contract contents
  •      20 years experience in online trading

You are looking for a sales agent for your collection or estate of KuSeRa you are right, we offer complete service - from the evaluation to the well-swept clearing your estate or collection.


Select a job type, such as:

Estate / Rentals - Apartment Resolution - Part resolution - Resolution collections - Operating resolution - Remnants - small orders 1-25 products - Marketing Your Art and contract for an apartment resolution.

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And then listen to the work for you.

Everything else we do for you!

Your KuSeRa - Team


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