History and stories

History and stories


Here you will find stories from 12 years of online trading and 30 years of collecting.


The history and stories are not in chronological order and always have something to do with the online second-hand shop and its clients (collectors), stories like died after admission, valuable lands in the garbage (due to ignorance), overwork at a flat resolution / collection resolution when a beloved family member dies, overreaching when sold to unsavory brokers, interesting photographs from the last 150 years compared with what it looks like there today.

We strive this editorial page always and constantly expanding with interesting reports / photos / stories.


Here you will find now the interesting stories to our sales on the Internet, who,? When?, Where?, Why?, Why?, Funny, Serious, Crazy, goosebumps.


Excuse the strange English, this text was translated with a translation program :)



Sales order for a very large camera collection


Years ago ... on a beautiful summer morning the phone rang.

Good afternoon ....... I would gladly sell a large camera collection or authorize a contract for the sale of my entire collection.

What kind of a scope, the collection, is it?

I have collected 40 years and would now like to part with my entire collection , about 1,000 cameras + accessories, hundreds of lenses , 1000sende of books and manuals and various camera bits and pieces .

Help that's a huge collection .

We can offer you both: sales order, or we will buy the entire collection from

I have the collection already offered some great photo retailers , the highest bid is 15,000 € for the entire collection.

Have a list of the collection ?

Yes I have.

Could you provide us with this list by email or by post so that economic give us a more accurate picture ?

Yes I can do that .

The list arrived and we were amazed at this huge scope : Leica , Zeiss, Plaubel , Linhof , Robot , Agfa, Voigtländer , Kodak, Pentax , Canon, Nikon , etc. a MADNESS collection.

We called to the principal. The collection is far from worth more than 15,000 euros , we can currently soclh make a large purchase but we offer you to take part in your collection as a commissioned sale , we can already promise at least 3 times from the collection for you to make and we deserve course noch something .

That sounds good, how do we get together, I 'm sitting here in the far north of Germany and do not have the opportunity to bring the whole collection to you.

No problem with such a volume of the order , we get the collection from your premises .

Said and done , we drove to the north and picked up the collection. We were amazed when we had the collection in mind , lucky we had taken a very big sprinters. The whole house was full of cameras , AMAZING , we deleted the listed cameras / lenses / accessories / books from and packaged it neatly .

Back at our business, the cameras were sorted and then photographed and set the internet. After less than half a year einenm the customer had already received approximately € 15,000.00 of us paid , he was thrilled and overwhelmed by the prices for its cameras, in the end, after about 2 1/2 years, he got about 45,000.00 € and was more than satisfied, he sold us the rest of the collection for € 2,000.00 (for him as a collector ) to have this so that it is not quite easy sale behind.

In the end he still said that he would recommend us and his father was still a larger collection has with much older cameras that had not yet decided to sell it but if he then sold he would sell this collection about us.

All were and are happy, that's what KuSeRa can best :)



The forgotten tin lid pitcher


A regular customer, Mr. Smith, calls for KuSeRa.

Hello a nice good day I once again have something to sell, my wife's grandmother has passed away.

What do you have for this product?

Everything possible, porcelain, tin, medals, etc. runs tin at all? I have ... as a large jug with pewter lid?

Bring the jug with easy, some Zinndeckelkruge can still sell well for 20-50 €, we see the jug.

We also have oil paintings and bronze sculptures.

Just bring everything with Mr. Smith, we sort out and see what I can still sell well.

We made an appointment.

Before we start, Mr. Smith is always very curt and always want as quickly as possible to handle everything (slightly hectic), we like that, because Mr. Smith is also a jolly fellow, it's always fun with him.

On the agreed day then Mr. Smith came into our office and brought us the things that are still able to sell he thought they were all salable things / items.

The consigned item has been listed, Mr. Smith signed and was about to leave, when Mr. Lassnig still the pitcher saw her lying on the floor and said we forgot to take the pitcher on the list.

Mr. Lassnig lifted the bag and took out the jar ...... and then came the SHOCK ..... it was a KPM Bartmannkrug with stiletto brand at least 150 years old broken in a very good state of preservation, only the cover holder was at one point, otherwise in a top condition, one might almost say the pitcher was made yesterday.

Mr. Lassnig was floored and laughed, which was something on the floor in a carrying case, Mr. Smith did not know that this was an old brand of KPM, he himself was very pleased.

We all laughed and were glad that the pitcher has not landed in the rubbish and has not been damaged during transport.

Here you will find the KPM Bartmannkrug at KuSeRa



House Refurbishment can also be POSITIVE

Than 12 years ago our house was renovated, which covered a horror, the whole apartment with foil, let NO sunlight for weeks, the bathroom have completely demolished only the shaft (toilet), the workers are, of course, without water connection. Dust and dirt everywhere, the mood is on the ground and it is hoped that the coming to an end.

Then one day a painter comes into the apartment and says: Ick'll see you collect old, Go, ick've got this een soldiers laughing but farmers, ick meen sone Ostfijur of metal with plowshares, na just sone Arbeeterfijur that is in my Jarten; the ick have jekooft of son Ossi and I will bring the Jarten jetze uff Vorderman, have se INTEREST? An de Fijur - Jo dit ick, ick must regard me first, the FIJUR (I went to his level to the negotiations to abet).

The next day the painters came with the FIJUR, I was in the basement and had something to discuss with the supervisor, my mother (unfortunately deceased) was in the apartment, because all the doors were open, the painter suddenly stood before her and said, ick have times mitjebracht the Fijur as promised. My mother saw the FIJUR and called down in the hallway, John the man with the Fijur is there, I heard her and went up slowly, it eventually consisted yes ONLY to an east Fijur when I got up, my mother with big stand eyes to me and said: Look at times this figure at ...... I BOAH much from the clouds and was PLATT, the facts spoke for themselves. It was a French Art Nouveau / Jugendstil bronze figure, signed and dated 1890, 75 cm high, with a TEUTON plowshares, a very detailed and unique bronze figure of the century.

Well I asked what he wanted for the figure ... with tension I was waiting for its asking price ... in my mind I already compared the prices of similar figures and gave me a price on the head, I could pay to to make a fair counteroffer.

He had offered me the figure, so he must also say about the price you can negotiate.

He said, to my surprise - ick een driving jroßen Audi, so eene tank would jump out there already ... OHA I thought what he did for a tank then? - Eene tank costs about DM 150.00 - na HOLLA only 150,00 DM - I reached into his pants pocket and pulled out my pocket money - 150,00 DM here now is that my Fijur - the artist rejoiced and drew a smile from thence, when such an offer is no longer a question also, you pay the same and CASH.

P. S. this figure is now worth about € 2,500.00, which was and still is - a great bargain

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Small story for urban department store in Leipzig

Completion in 1901

View (photo) to the oldest and the newest exhibition hall in Leipzig


With the construction of the first modern exhibition building, the "Municipal department store", Leipzig created an example that has received international recognition and imitation. Decision of the City Council of 4 October 1893, old Gewandhaus complex was determined to the building site. Under the direction of city architect Hugo Licht, the renovation and construction took place in three major sections, 1901 was the mighty Messehaus block completed.

Today, the "Urban department store" the exhibition hall of the radio and television industry.

The newest exhibition hall of Leipzig is the "fair house on the market." It moved to the Autumn Fair in 1963 for the first time to the merchants at home and abroad. Foreign trade companies and publishers from 18 countries presented in this modern exhibition hall from their products. In addition to books and magazines watchmaking in this exhibition hall housed

Municipal department store Leipzig Today



Short biography - promotional text for Katja Ebstein on the back of publicity photos of ID photo

Katja Ebstein, for over a year in our pop star sky, loves no late nights, no smokes hash and is absolutely not frivolous. When it allow her appointments, she sleeps a lot, like making a shopping spree ... and embroiders. "I am very domesticated," says the 24 year old singer who lives in a nice flat with garden in Munich-Solln, "and embroidering - preferably tapestry - is a very safe method for me, one after hectic hours in the recording studio or find television show to myself. "As Katya, relax Ingeborg Hallstein, Margit Schramm, Uschi Glas, Ruth-Maria Kubitschek - to mention just a few celebrities - when dealing with needle and thread

Source: Text and image of ID photo

Receipt requested: Information Service, 2150 Buxtehude, Park Street 8

Click here for the offered Promotional photo by Katja Ebstein at KuSeRa



The unrealistic offer

In the sale of articles made ​​of precious metals such as platinum, gold and silver can be experienced often the unrealistic offers, what does that mean?

For example: KuSeRa has 6 old silver spoon in 800 silver for sale with a total weight of 250g = ​​0.25 Kg, the offer price of KuSeRa (negotiable) is € 300.00 ie 1g - 800 Silver - processed - costs € 1.20 per garmm, the "scrap price" broken silver price is € 0.55 = 55 cents.

Short story - the offer proposed by a customer (dealer) is € 125.00 for 6 spoons with 250g total weight of 800 silver, this offer is dishonest because the price proposal is below the fracture silver price and KuSeRa the silver and can even bring to a refining establishment, KuSeRa is not (never) sell under the current break silver price, the same goes for platinum, gold, brass, pewter, copper, bronze, etc.



Small story for cleaning / polishing of silver objects or silverware.

A customer bought at KuSeRa a 800 silverware, we had it polished to a high gloss, the customer was and is very satisfied with the cutlery and wrote that it had not been cleaned or polished must be because it all silver plug or objects, use of / use / use again cleaned, polishing is fun for him.
Because the polishing takes time, we thought, when the silver is easy to polish up, we leave it unpolished and have it just a little cheaper, since we no longer need to polish silver flatware / objects, said - done. But that does not mean that totally dirty or difficult to polish objects offered, NO, only slightly polishable is offered unpolished.

Here are some examples of easy to polish and to clean silver and tips for an environmentally conscious cleaning, with instructions.

Click here for the pictures and read the instructions


We recommend the Silver Star with water and salt - Silver Star was even recommended to us by a client and we were very pleased with the results.

You can order the when - Raccoon environmental Shipping


Short description of the manufacturer:


Works easily in water with salt WITHOUT chemicals. Lasts a lifetime. You will never have to buy cleaning products again.
Cleans silver, nickel silver, copper, gold and jewels in 30 seconds without having to scrub.
The great advantages of Silver Star:

Unlike other cleaners, it contains no chemicals or acids and therefore leaves no odors or aftertaste
Do not use abrasives
Emits no smells or smoke Just put the plate in hot water with salt and place the objects to be cleaned in the water: Easy to use. In 30 seconds, they are clean.
No scrubbing necessary
• No more dirty rag
Do not play dirty or rough hands
• Cleans deep into the grooves
Contains a large and a small plate
Is used in museums to clean valuable items, as no more scrubbing is required, whereby metals are spared.

Here are a few examples of the so-simply can not go on sale, or very CHEAP / Cheap, but NEVER under the fraction Silver Purchase price of refineries, because as we can our silver or the customer consign themselves.


Click here for the sample images


Here you will find the silver items offered by KuSeRa of silver, about 8 ounces, 800, 925 Sterling silver up to 999 bars of silver


Sale of a large, 500Kg heavy bronze statue of Ernst Thalmann

An Ernst Thalmann bronze weighing about 500 kg were offered as a contract sale.

We came saw and conquered, this bronze statue, we sold after less than three months at the Wende Museum in California. All were glad; the client about the achieved sum and the buyer that he could save the object for his museum.

Thälmann bronze figure 500Kg

Here is now the thälmann bronze


Selling a Rolleiflex

A Rolleiflex medium format camera was sold to Holland (in a very good, fully functional condition, as described!), We shipped this camera as always, very good and bombproof packaged to our customers to Holland.

2 days later a message in the mailbox, a very cordial thanks for this beautifully preserved medium format camera Rollei, many many thanks a very happy collector, I am so happy that I still want to give you € 100.00 transfer.

We were happy and we thought a satisfied customer, what more could you want, we never dreamed of the fact that he would actually have us € 100.00 later, something we had previously never heard and experienced. 2 weeks went by and the € 100.00 were actually on our account, what a surprise.

P. S. this story we will never forget, POSITIVE for all sides.


KuSeRa writes history

Stamp * H * Friedlander on Brothers Silver

Short as it happened

We got a sales order and the task to clear a 8 room apartment in Berlin Charlottenburg and offer the still-counter products as a contract sales in online trading.

Much we were stamped onto the Gebrüder Friedländer some silver items with a * H * at the sighting of salable things? - Master characters - city brand - or a year value could be behind this Stamp * H * hide. We found nothing in the literature, including experts knew what to do with the brand, it has been speculated and guessed but nothing came of concrete.

Weeks later we saw the broken silver by whether there were some pieces as objects to sell, yet, there we found a silver frame with the brand: * E.Harnisch * what was that? Mark - company - maker's mark - it should resolve itself soon what this brand has a meaning.

We ransacked the library and found a book with a dedication and a poem for a very good friend Emil ---- Harnisch ---- the funny silversmith and Kopperschläger (english:copper racket)

Emil Harnisch was a silversmith with the brothers Friedlander and his hallmark is the * H * at Old Friedlander silver and he had humor :)

Emil Harnisch geb.11.12.1862 - died 19/05/1935 lived in Berlin, Silversmith at the Gebr Friedlander, the royal family's jewelers of the emperor.


Click here for the pictures and the beautiful poem

Here the brand on the fracture silver frame

Here the * H * Brand / hallmark on the silver platter Gebr.Friedländer

Here the beautiful poem by a friend



Kodak Retina IIIC history


With a Kodak Retina IIIC - by the clerk to the photographer for the historic preservation - Posted on 05.03.2015 by KuSeRa

20 years have passed and now I hold the camera back in history in my hands, the interview for a job agent to set as a photographer.
When I drive through Berlin I always take with a camera, whether analog or digital one is always there. On the day of the interview I took MY Kodak Retina IIIC to find Berlin motives and photograph.
With the slung camera I now went into the notion office and put my resume and learned professions, my papers were visually inspected, I put my Kodak on the table in front of me and waited for questions and now came the first question, I smiled and said yes with this camera, I take pictures of our beautiful Berlin, the photos with an analog camera can be better and it is also up to DinA0 zoom without loss of sharpness, the question was: what to do with this old camera, why you have this at the interview.
The two at the table were amazed when I told you about my photographic safaris and I would be very interested in architecture, they looked at each other and asked me if I work as a photographer for the conservation and I would trust me this too? - Of course, I can imagine that  ... silent ... and then: YOU HAVE THE JOB AS A PHOTOGRAPHER IN HISTORIC PRESERVATION - you also earn more - oh, how bad I was, I danced home and was glad I had my camera with me without the Kodak Retina I was finished as a clerk.


Click here for KuSeRa's offered Kodak Retina IIIC camera - with story :)