The ecological approach

The ecological approach




We KuSeRa love our environment - nature if you also like this, then you are exactly right.


We KuSeRa provide tips for better interaction with nature and your resources.


Buy Used, environmentally and sustainable, as no new products have to be produced which saves energy and raw materials, so that OUR ENVIRONMENT leave the next generations neat.



First and most important tip: Buy Used ecologically - Why? - It must be made ​​no NEW item.

siehe Online-Marktplätze für Gebrauchtgüter von - in english: See online market places for second-hand goods of Christine Henseling, IZT und
Dr. Klaus Fichter, Borderstep Institut ArbeitsBericht Nr. 8/2004 



Many people shy away from used crockery, cutlery, glasses - " who has drunk out of my little glass ".


Example - for buy used:


In a 5 star restaurant that no man making a head, how many people have drunk from the little glasses, so you can buy safely used dishes, glasses or cutlery - washed*** and you have little money for a * new - used * Plate, you can not get the most commercially because the series is no longer produced and it only needed to buy used or remaining stock at retailers.

***: All Items leave cleaned our business.



Second and very important tip for dealing with empty batteries from the button cell on batteries up to the car battery all part NOT in the garbage, they must be separately / particularly disposed of, all the shops, where it batteries or goods with batteries are buying tons of hazardous waste have available in their stores, there and ONLY there you need to dispose of your batteries. You can also bring the batteries to the city waste disposal company, dispose of in Berlin at BSR and other waste management companies, batteries costs the "Throw Away" nothing.

P. S. The website of the Berlin city cleaning * BSR * is very clear, there you can find out about everything related to the disposal - inform hazardous waste, where, what, and how do I dispose of my things - garbage disposal.



Environmental tip you can even economize:


Our laser printer bleats about five weeks "Replace cartridge, it can still print 50 pages" - now we have printed more than 500 pages with the cartridge.

The trick, if the print quality is bad, simply remove the cartridge from the printer and shake briefly times back and forth! A miracle - the print quality is again properly.




So KuSeRa economize up to 3 laser cartridges per year, and we see not only the financial savings, but also the ecological aspect, it can be, that funcitonal cartridges be replaced and disposed of.

We have added photos to visualize. Left you can see the pressure before the shaking and right the quality right after the shaking.