About us

About us


Welcome to KuSeRa the online flea and antique market.


We operate over 20 years of experience in online trading. Our goal is,  to satisfy customers. For this, we offer an extensive range of everyday objects of everyday life from the centuries, otherwise troublesome and time consuming would have to search together is on several flea- and antique markets.

Our wide range includes many interesting things from times past, collectibles, antiques, tableware, art, decorative pieces, design, vintage and museum pieces from all eras of the history and style.

We take the articles from Housing solutions, collection - and liquidations, from the estates (Heritage) and also sell orders (sales agent) private,- or by business customers.

In addition to new items from the "good old days" are always used goods and articles, which all have more or less through the use or storage corresponding to their age or wear and tear.

Our articles will be when not stated otherwise, before sending checked and cleaned.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

We wish you fun in our online flea - and antique shop.

Preview and appraisal of the goods by appointment only, as some items in the vault in the bank or even lie at the customer -please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our office is in Berlin-Spandau in the Weißenburger Str. 43, 13595 Berlin, we look forward to your visit.

The team of KuSeRa

Erika and Jan


We offer a large extensive range - of curiosities, things, rarities, general articles, Edeltrödel, utensils, vintage, junk, collectibles, design of all eras.

The articles we get from home, estates, acquisitions, collection or resolutions are sales contract.

With the careful description of the offer we give our customers all the information we could find on the articles, more.

All prices are negotiable, we are happy to answer your price proposals, take a contact with us on.

Have fun browsing!


Your sales agent in Berlin Germany:


Do you have something to sell, do not know how or do not have time to contact us, we are happy to assist you in selling your items and offer them to you.

With the help of our professionals, we assess your collection and decide where and at what price the item offered. Here, we work closely with auction houses (including the Internet), collectors, dealers, and retail customers.

Our business partners are: executor, probate attorneys, administrator of the estate, museums, experts, historians, researchers, dealers, auction houses, collectors and private clients.


That write Customer about us in the guestbook of KuSeRa

approx. 16,000 positive reviews on Ebay 100% customer satisfaction.