Cleaning Tips for Silver

Cleaning Tips for Silver


Here are some tips for cleaning silver objects such as cutlery, table centrepieces, serving trays every success during cleaning.


Many roads lead to the goal;-)


We always times before New methods of cleaning silver.


From the church silverware, utensils of silver everything is easy to clean, with some pieces of the underlying material is already attacked the surface, the, since they have not been too long cleaned, the scars or holes in the material come to the fore, should, in this particular case, draw a professional (female) (conservator) to advise whether it is still worthwhile to work up the pieces.

Do not forget SILVER also has a material value (scrap price) no matter what the material looks like and what it has pecking, it always has a value.


Silver clean on the environment-conscious type

(the first two pictures show the uncleaned and unpolished silver).



Here the environmentally conscious cleaning aid for tarnished silver SILVER STAR with salt.




Waschbecken mit Wasser füllen, die Metallplatten reinlegen und dann.......


...... das Salz hinzugeben .......


........ And now we put the clean silver objects (cutlery, plates, bowls, pitchers, centrepieces, figurines, jewelry, etc.) in this case, the Friedlander fruit knife into it.


After about 30 seconds take out everything again, have started to when the objects to be dirty or badly, you can also extend the time. Now polish it with a microfiber cloth or a normal polishing cloth and whoosh, the silver is already clean and polished, you can see the other images which all took about 30 minutes and the silver is again in top condition.




And already the Gebr.Friedländer court jeweler silver looks like new again.