Decoration and usage examples

Decoration and usage examples


Find inspiration, decoration examples, uses, integration of vintage items (old) in the modern living room.


Such as: old posters, billboards, old brochures, cinema books, music books, tickets, old tickets are beautiful framed eye-catcher for every apartment or house. Old coffee pots, cups, bowls, dishes can be used as a flower pot / planter for herbs, flowers, or even as a coaster. Old porcelain / ceramic or without saucers mug, bowls etc. then end up as no longer in the trash and is still used wisely. Broken dishes can still be found as a Poltergeschirr use and out of the shambles can customize, old bathtubs are misused as raised beds artists still beautiful mosaics ans sculpture, old baking tins, cans, pots, cutlery as a decoration for your kitchen.




Old music books with beautiful interesting motif or titles can be very decorative eye-catcher in every apartment.

The individual, rare, unusual wall decoration, wall decoration in KuSeRa.

Here are some examples:

Decoration examples of KuSeRa

Berlinchen's song (I've written to God) Music Publishing Heinz Funke



Old cinema lobby card from the 60s, the individual wall decoration.

Decorative examples of KuSeRa

Cinema Lobby Card (The Star of Santa Clara with Wolfgang Neuss from the 60s)



An old newspaper can also be very decorative, look here's an example, it could also be an old Bravo or an old newspaper from the last 200 years to be.

To each his own custom motif.

Collector of aircraft - choose flying, determined the motive presented by KuSeRa the German magazine from 1928 with sports pictures from Sunday "The Zeppelin is here!" Or other subject with aircraft or flying.

Frames and framing on the Internet or in a specialty store in your area.


 Example decoration with old newspaper from 1928




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