Tips & Tricks for Berlin tourists

Tips & Tricks for Berlin tourists














Here you will find tips, tricks and sights from Berlin (Germany) Berlin for visitors and tourists, compiled by KuSeRa travel Bears Brummlchen ;-)


Travel bear tips for Berlin tourists



Such as: restaurants, museums, attractions, news, pubs, cafes, beer gardens, flea markets, antique markets, antique streets in Berlin, parks in Berlin and much more.


Berlin is always worth a trip


Panorama of Berlin

Here are some pictures for Festival of Lights - Festival of Lights in Berlin




Top Tip visit Reichstag

Visit the Reichstag?? ... So as not to stand in the long queue, just order a table top with Feinkost Käfer and you can go through a separate entrance to the Reichstag, without having to queue and wait. For sale at Käfer is top class and you can just enjoy the beautiful view over Berlin, after the tour of the Reichstag building.


Top Tip for antique market, flea market, flea market visitors in Berlin


Only the early bird catches the worm - that is, who is late .... there is nothing more.

You should already be at the opening spot.

Opening times of the flea, flea, and antique markets here, so you can always find once again a nice article for your collection.