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Hello everyone, my name is Brummelchen and I 'm the mascot of KuSeRa.

My job at KuSeRa - mascot , Travel-Bear and hum moose Seal

The job as a mascot and Travelbear I got by chance to relax sewn from Erika and a bear as in my case ! And luckily I have this wonderful glowing skin what suits KuSeRa's corporate colors . When I was finished and I looked at Erika and Jan , was the two immediately realized that I 'm going to the mascot of KuSeRa.


KuSeRa's customers from all over the world, our team invite every now and again on a visit to distant lands and these trips I step on in order KuSeRa.


In addition, I am responsible for quality control , it guarantees the Brummelchen seals!


The photos and exciting stories of the trips I post on Facebook.



My trip to Dubai with a ship

2 Dubai, December 2012:

Natasha took me to Dubai. A very interesting city. There was so much to see, the Burgj al Arab , Dubai at night , the harbor and not to forget , the tallest building in the world , the Burj Khalifa , the views are breathtaking. To relax we have a beautiful voyage made ​​with the TuiCruises "Mein Schiff" .




A slideshow of pictures from Dubai trip can be found here.



Small day trip to Copenhagen Denmark and a meeting with our business partners in Denmark

3 Copenhagen, March 2013 :

Visit our business partners in Denmark - Copenhagen - one of the nicest days in Denmark, the weather greeted us warmly.

The historic buildings are a feast for the eyes, there is so much to see and the friendliness of the Danes makes the day even more BEAUTIFUL than it already is.

We have made ​​a small sightseeing tour by bus, which is really handy you can get where you want and then continue with the next bus if you have looked at everything.




A slideshow of pictures from Moscow trip can be found here.




Trip to Tokyo, Japan with Hiro-san our business partners in Japan


4 Tokyo, July 2013 :

Hiro- san shows me everything, a great city here I'll stay a little !
Your Brummelchen Travelbear




A slideshow of pictures from Tokyo Japan trip can be found here.




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